Anesthetic [noun]

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In terms of what this molecule is, it’s unique in terms of anesthetics and certainly it’s very unique in terms of antidepressants.

It was actually initially synthesized to be an anesthetic and is used for that reason today widely.

Murrough, a psychiatrist who treats severe depression, recalled how skeptical his fellow researchers were about administering ketamine, a highly addictive drug which, in higher doses, is used as a surgical anesthetic.

It’s actually classified as what’s called a “dissociative anesthetic.”

Give plenty of anesthetic, just as if he seemed fully conscious.

Tropacocaine may replace cocaine in every case as an anesthetic.

The man is infallible—and the anesthetic revelation plays a part as in no writer.

The most unfair, last word to describe religious faith is the word anesthetic.

When she came from under the anesthetic, her father was holding her hand and he spoke to her in just such a tone.

By using a local anesthetic on the plantar nerves and confining the subject on an operating table, restraint should be perfect.