Annular [adjective]

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This improved process of casting may also be employed for objects which do not possess an exactly annular section.

The steam-cylinders of this engine were placed one within the other, the low-pressure exterior cylinder being annular.

For about five minutes the eclipse was annular—only a little rim of light gleamed forth.

The broken lines represent similar data for the annular eclipses.

The ring is, perhaps, a type of the annular money, then current among the Britons.

Such an eclipse is called annular, as shown in fig. 3; when this happens, there can be no total eclipse anywhere.

The pressure water acts continuously on the annular area in front of the piston.

The vanes are limited by slightly-coned annular cover plates.

It consists of a wheel or fan with curved vanes enclosed in an annular chamber.

The annular constrictions occur at short intervals, giving it the appearance of being jointed.