Arced [adjective]

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The week ahead will help us all learn where he is on that arc — as a threat to win the tournament or as a teller of tales.

It’s not exactly pleasant to watch, but it’s a key moment for her arc.

Robinson opened Game 2 by making four of his six first-quarter 3-point attempts and ended the game with a total of 12 shots taken from behind the arc.

A year after an epic unraveling, the Tampa Bay Lightning have completed their redemption arc.

She’s about 40, I’m 51 now, where we are, I think — David Brooks wrote this great book called The Second Mountain where he talks about as you go through your life arc, you begin to recognize what’s really important.

TrackMan and similar systems were originally developed to give golfers and baseball players detailed information about how fast they hit or threw the ball and how its arc curved.

Over the arc of your life, the cells in your body divide until they reach what is known as the Hayflick limit, or the number of times a normal human cell population will divide before cell division stops, which is typically about 50 divisions.

If you’re on an airplane, a mountaintop or someplace high that offers a perspective down below, the rainbow won’t be an arc but a full circle.

Even as he watched, the flare of its rockets arced against the blackness.

The lid arced above her, and the white of either side of the ebony iris shone faintly in the half darkness.