Ash [noun]

Definition of Ash:

remains of burning

Synonyms of Ash:

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Sentence/Example of Ash:

The carry handle latches across the lid to lock everything in place, so the grill won’t spew ash around the back of your car.

The clouds of ash they throw up can cool the whole planet for years at a time.

Volcanoes are channels where melted rock, ash and gas can rise to the surface.

Its chemical content is similar to fly ash, the main ingredient in common cement mixes.

In roots and tubers the variations are less, and all, except the potato and the turnip, contain about seven per cent of ash.

Saussure has also observed that the quantity of ash diminishes in certain plants when the seed has ripened.

Thus, it has been found that in early spring the wood of the young shoots of the horse-chesnut contains 9·9 per cent of ash.

The lighter the color of the tobacco the lighter the ash and the milder the flavor of the cigar.

Silica is an invariable constituent of the ash, but in most plants occurs but in small quantity.

These cigars are usually pressed, and burn well, leaving a dark-colored ash, and emitting a fragrant odor.