Auberge [noun]

Definition of Auberge:

accommodation for travellers

Synonyms of Auberge:

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Sentence/Example of Auberge:

We are all at the Auberge de l'Union which is the only one in the place and is neither good nor bad.

I have heard that from that time English archers have been better treated in the auberge of Cardillac.

It may be noted that Meilhan lived on in the auberge after her death.

It was rather a hard life, but what with that and the little profit of the auberge, they managed to make both ends meet.

At nine o'clock the two heroes mutually felicitated each other at the small auberge of Genappe.

The man who now drew rein with abrupt clumsiness in front of the auberge looked hot, tired and travel-stained.

After which a lighter atmosphere hung around the table outside the "Auberge du Grand Dauphin."

Here, in a state of some wonder and even of some anxiety, Caron made straight for the Auberge des Postes.

Pierre pushed open the outer door of the auberge des Trois Vertus and stepped out under the porch.

The word tabernacle is traceable to the same roots as tavern, French auberge, English inn.