Auctioning [noun]

Definition of Auctioning:

the act of selling

Synonyms of Auctioning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Auctioning:

Sentence/Example of Auctioning:

She had almost reached the end of her supplies, and some one had suggested auctioning off the remainder.

The concert was held the afternoon following the auctioning of the seats, and the chums covered themselves with glory.

I visited the slave market and again saw the auctioning of human beings, some as light of color as Zoe and of as much breeding.

"It's that chap was auctioning off the ship's pool an hour or two ago," explained Vogel.

The train-boy went right on auctioning his papers and magazines, and poking them into the laps of his prey.

There was no more excitement than if he was auctioning a Bowery suit of clothes or fake jewelry.

Auctioning off a poor widow woman's goods ain't no joke, let me tell you.

When I saw him he was auctioning off his collection of curios and things.