Trading [noun]

Definition of Trading:


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Sentence/Example of Trading:

When he did deliver a letter to them, it was usually a trading letter for Uncle William.

Nachvak is the most God-forsaken place for a trading post that I have ever seen.

He had grown rich with his trading and stood in need of nothing.

There was no trading at all, for the sufficient reason that no shares were to be had.

But his trading was not carried on without comment and questioning.

And yet trading in futures is by no means necessarily speculation.

"I was there last year on a trading ship of France," answered Sawkins.

They carry good-sized pokes of nuggets and dust which they use in trading.

And he may have lit out into the Western Pacific all of a sudden—say in a trading schooner.

He said that he might make a large fortune by a judicious course of trading.