Beautifications [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Beautifications:

But except in such a context (which Sidney cannot weave) it is a rococo ornament, a tawdry beautification.

Do we sometimes wear glasses astride our nose, not because we are near-sighted, but for beautification?

I came into the world with the face Im wearing to-day, though its undergone a process of beautification in the intervening years.

This plan is one of the finest things which any city in the land has contemplated for its own beautification.

The men in such plays suffer much less from beautification, but even they suffer.

It is the order of the Sirkar, and the money is spent for the planting of trees and the beautification of the ways.'

Only, the beautification has been quiet and unobtrusive, while the uglification has been obvious and concentrated.

It contained, besides the idea of social amelioration, the even more grateful idea of municipal beautification.

Put these trees where they can spread the message of production and beautification combined.

Work on the grounds has been carried on of late years, to the greater beautification of the site.