Bedding [noun]

Definition of Bedding:

covering for sleeping furniture

Synonyms of Bedding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedding:


Sentence/Example of Bedding:

For that matter, he said, he didn't care a tinker's dam if we were; he had grub and bedding and we were welcome to both.

While we were packing grub and bedding on Piegan's extra horse, Lyn joined us, wrapped from head to heel in a yellow slicker.

The bedding was just as when he had lain down, but his sword was not there, nor a stick he always walked with.

I routed him out, in the dim mephitic place reeking of sour bedding, and put Petersen in his charge.

They piled all their bedding upon one narrow cot; and sleeping thus, they could be warm.

Bedding, provisions, and some small articles as presents for the Moquis were sent up from the train by Coronado.

We were passing a side opening, or wing of the room; a wing that seemed to be filled with bedsteads and bedding.

When we come back after dinner we find our bedding neatly spread out and looking very inviting.

It seems funny to have to carry bedding with us on a journey, but it is very necessary here.

Evening, with the sheep homing to the bedding-ground, brought reflections of a different hue.