Bios [noun]

Definition of Bios:

history, biography

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Sentence/Example of Bios:

As a reminder, amino acids are, to use parlance of your high school bio teacher, the “building blocks” of proteins, which your body uses not only for your biceps and quads but also your skin, hair, blood, bones, and a whole lot more.

As a business account, your Instagram bio should fully utilize the space allotted to various official links.

Your creative department must check whether catchphrases such as “link in bio”, “swipe up”, or “order now” are linked to their respective contents in a seamless manner.

This “bio-hacking” blurs the line between human and non-human.

So the first seven is the bio component, and that’s simply genetics.

All this is part of a vast new science which is called bio-chemistry, or the chemistry of life.

He has a sense of humor about all things except this sacred bio-chemistry.

Or bio-weapons; a man-made plague that had gotten out of control and all but depopulated the planet.

The same law holds good in bio-geography; here, too, area gives strength and a small territorial foothold means weakness.

The relation of life to the earth's area is a fundamental question of bio-geography.