Boodle [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Boodle:

It really ain't safe for such pilgrims t' be cavortin' over the prairies with all that boodle in their jeans.

Samoa and the Samoans for children (letters to Miss Boodle on), xxv.

The idlers at "Boodle's" can neither sneer at a "msalliance," nor hint at the "faiblesse" of an "elderly gentleman."

I'm the real thing—a good old Cotton-Petticoat—birth, breeding and boodle.

But it had like to have cost the nursery-maid (a Swiss girl that Fitz-Boodle hired somewhere in his travels) her place.

Afterwards he told me, with many hesitations, that my room at Boodle Hall had been made into a second nursery.

He'd not only be in the way, but he'd probably want to go shares in the boodle.

I suppose you want the people to live as they do at a house dinner at Boodle's.

Even Tammany's thoughts began to lift above the sordid level of boodle.

Y'u got to work hard all yer life to make boodle, 'n' 'f y'u wan' to save it, y'u mus'n't booze.