Bullets [noun]

Definition of Bullets:

small missile

Synonyms of Bullets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bullets:


Sentence/Example of Bullets:

Quite a good lot of bullets were plopping into the water, so the Commodore ordered the Colne to lie further out.

None of the bullets harmed horse or man, and the sowars were not quite near enough to be in the line of fire.

A huge string game-bag was slung over his back, and in an antelope's horn or a crane's bill bullets were carried.

Even bullets will fly off from any other part of the scaly covering as though they had struck against a stone wall.

Five horses were shot under him, his clothes were riddled with bullets, but he was reserved for a sinister fate.

There was no shelling at the moment, but rifle bullets kept flopping into the parapet especially when the periscope was moved.

I stumbled over a fat trumpeter in the field, stript and plunder'd, with his skin full of bullets.

Grape-shot and bullets sang the death-song of many a brave fellow, but Nicholson was untouched.

Ellsworth died instantly and Jackson was immediately killed by bullets and bayonets used by Ellsworth's troops.

He is the true soldier who knows how to die and stand his ground in the midst of a hail of bullets.