Canoe [noun]

Definition of Canoe:

light, paddled boat

Synonyms of Canoe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canoe:


Sentence/Example of Canoe:

A primitive savage makes a bow and arrow in a day: it takes him a fortnight to make a bark canoe.

The roomy canoe, if not built for great speed, certainly was built for as much comfort as could be expected in such a craft.

The canoe touched the grassy bank at the edge of the old Carter place at the far end of the lake just before noon.

But suddenly Jessie drove her paddle deep into the water and sent the canoe in a dash to the landing.

Her chum came leaping up the hill behind her, having moored the canoe with one hitch.

As the canoe drew near the girls saw a wild mob of children, both boys and girls, racing toward the broken landing.

Amy, who was in the bow sheered off, but brought the side of the canoe skillfully against the rough planks.

She was so in earnest that she forgot the canoe, and the wind caught it sideways and made us roll dangerously.

Amy, who was strong and quick, reached over the gunwale of the canoe and seized upon the crooked figure.

So they bore Spotted Snake away with them in the canoe, while the Dogtown gang shrieked farewells from the old landing.