Carelessly [adverb]

Definition of Carelessly:


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Sentence/Example of Carelessly:

It was only a hut of rough boards, carelessly knocked together for a shepherd's temporary home.

Thinking it was a request for employment which he could not offer, Malcolm stuffed it carelessly into a pocket.

The tall man stands with folded arms, and looks carelessly round the room, and at Uncle David among the rest.

I strongly suspect a pretty girl in the party somewhere,' he observed carelessly.

"I think I'll stroll down to the tavern and see this stranger," I replied carelessly.

When he was in the little drawing-room, he threw the papers carelessly on a table without taking off their wrappers.

There was in his look and manner, even in his attitude, a something that was almost like a carelessly veiled insolence.

"Oh," she exclaimed carelessly, and went on knitting, drawing closer to the lamplight.

Think of carelessly carrying a hundred dollars in a silly purse like that!

Weston spoke carelessly, puffing at his cigar, for he had recovered his easy demeanor.