Concretes [noun]

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It measures, concretes, and materialises for us his colossal worth and the omnipotent vastness of his achievement.

I can understand that of mystical monism shutting its eyes on the concretes of life, for the sake of its abstract rapture.

This paste speedily concretes on cooling, and is then broken into fragments and carried to the soda manufactory.

It concretes in lamellar crystals at the temperature of 50°, and does not melt again till heated to 64° nearly.

It concretes below 32° F., and does not fuse again till heated to 41°.

The phosphorus falls down in drops, like melted wax, and concretes at the bottom of the water in the receiver.

When cautiously fused, it concretes into a transparent hard tough mass, like shellac.

It melts at a heat of 122° F., and concretes, on cooling, into a transparent yellowish mass.

The pulp dried in the manner above described concretes into lumps, which become hard and friable as they cool.

An abscess forms in the liver, or a large calculus concretes in the gall-bladder: how is the pus or the calculus to be got rid of?