Conjuror [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Conjuror:

When Goodridge searched here with his conjuror, he was on this spot, alone and unobserved, as he thought.

Goodridge says now, that he thought he should find it, if the conjuror's instruments were properly prepared.

He sent for a conjuror to come, with his metallic rods and witch-hazel, to find the stolen money.

It makes no difference what the part may be, court dandy, early Christian or conjuror, Heggie is your man.

It is held out to him who is to guess—the conjuror—and it is he who is addressed, and under a conjuring name.

When he went round with his tickets, the conjuror called first at the Rectory, and solicited the patronage of Doctor Brand.

My watch had totally disappeared, and we at length decided that it must be concealed about the conjuror's person.

Conjuror Trendle was at home when they arrived, having in fact seen them descending into his valley.

Judging by their talk and the effect produced on the earl, he took Woodseer for a sort of conjuror.

Was a conjuror able to balance himself against the destinies of Christianity?