Croaking [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Croaking:

And yet the croaking of the frogs may reach the eagle's aerie, and disturb the peace of the heights.

But some of your men-at-arms soon put an end to the frightful croaking, by laying about with their lances.

Of a sudden I seemed to hear the old gnome croaking, "Now that story sounds to me kind of—"

He would undoubtedly find him at the hospital, ready to greet him with some croaking sympathy.

I'll say this for Sonntag—he's been overdue for a croaking this long time.

On the way he passed by a marsh, in which a number of frogs were sitting croaking.

He even snored a little bit, I believe, or else it was Bully Frog croaking one of his songs.

Among the obnoxious noises are the crumpling of silk stuffs, the sound of sweeping, the croaking of frogs.

He was no pessimist, croaking out doleful prophecies and lamentations and bitter criticisms.

A few more warm days, and its fellows, and doubtless itself too, were croaking and gamboling in the marshes.