Guttural [adjective]

Definition of Guttural:

deep in sound

Synonyms of Guttural:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guttural:



Sentence/Example of Guttural:

The researchers noted that a relatively large body size may protect guttural toads against predators.

He went up a few steps, and looked over the upper deck; then he called out some guttural words.

"Young man," he addresses me in the artificial guttural voice he affects on solemn occasions.

“Let our white brother come close,” called a deep guttural voice.

Ah Sing entered behind them, pointed at Peter Gross, and issued a harsh, guttural command.

With an alphabet of thirty-nine letters, but it is harsh and guttural.

A grunt was the reply of one, a guttural "Buffalo, yes," the answer of the other.

They edged forward at a brief guttural command from their leader, until they came to open ground.

Should any breath be spent in aspiration, or in hissing, or in guttural enunciation, the vocality is said to be impure.

All the guttural sounds that broke from the throng of listeners were made for approval and applause.