Crossbar [noun]

Definition of Crossbar:

notch, step

Synonyms of Crossbar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crossbar:


Sentence/Example of Crossbar:

His shot from the high slot off a slick feed from Carr went off the crossbar and in.

There’s a crossbar that spans the front of the vehicle and connects the sides of the engine bay to prevent deformation in off-center impacts, which are some of the most common and dangerous.

In the 73rd, Krisztian Nemeth’s glancing header streaked a fraction over the crossbar.

The pastime consisted of riding on horseback and aiming a lance at one of the holes in the broad end of the crossbar.

A cord may be passed through the opening in the crossbar at the top and its lower end attached to the elements.

He pulled it back the length of the crossbar and it brought the string with it, stretching it taut.

He hadn't slept nigh so sound two months past, and the crossbar would soothe his slumbers.

His hands, grasping the lowest crossbar of them, were in such disproportionate proximity to the floor!

At the middle posts the ball must be "fanned" under the crossbar.

Here the crossbar is used besides the ordinary fastening of the bolt, as an additional means of security.