Daffodil [noun]

Definition of Daffodil:

saying referring to common fact, knowledge

Synonyms of Daffodil:

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Sentence/Example of Daffodil:

Something Sylvia was knowing of that sweet daffodil time in the heart of a girl before the hovering swallows dare to fly.

"I think I know who committed the Daffodil Murder," he said steadily.

And there are Keats' and Shelley's well-known and beautiful lines which bring down the praises of the Daffodil to our own day.

In fact, I am not so certain that the daffodil is a native of China at all, though China's a mighty big place.

Note also his "Daffodil Fields," which is quite different from these and full of peculiar beauty.

We are attending to a yellower tulip, no doubt, when the only daffodil that Shakespeare knew is opening in the chilly wood.

We gave to this our untimely welcome long before the snowdrop came, and the golden name of daffodil has lost its vernal sound.

The bridesmaids wore pale yellow cloth, with reveres and cuffs of daffodil yellow satin and white Venetian point.

Such personification as "the daffodil unties her yellow bonnet" he can see and appreciate as figure.

"The Daffodil" is here out of compliment to a splendid school and a splendid teacher at Poughkeepsie.