Decoded [verb]

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Meet Mo-DBRS, a setup that could fundamentally change how we decode the human brain.

When that signal is sent to your TV or soundbar, the device has to decode the audio in order to play it over your speakers, and that process takes time.

Frequently, this delay is inherent to how TVs and soundbars decode audio.

As long as you can decode the informational algorithms behind the organisms and their heritable material, you can incorporate those into your own kind of substrates.

The first series follows the work of scientists trying to decode extraterrestrial messages using high-end technology developed by- yes you guessed it – General Electric.

Hyde Park is partly in Paddington, a name which the authorities decode into “town of the children of Paeda”.

Afraid for a moment that you'd be off before we could decode it.

Also, he was hungry, and he did not hurry over his dinner in order to decode it.

She sets herself wearily to decode some sort of definite meaning out of Mother's elliptic style.

The Secretary, whose business it was to decode the official telegrams, commenced his task with but languid interest.