Dendritic [adjective]

Definition of Dendritic:

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Sentence/Example of Dendritic:

Researchers are coming to understand that even the dendritic arms of neurons seem capable of processing information, which means that every neuron might be more like a small computer by itself.

At other times it is found in dendritic shapes, or arborescences, resulting from minute crystals implanted upon each other.

The zoœcia are not distinct from one another, but in dendritic forms the zoarium is divided irregularly by chitinous partitions.

Zoarium dendritic or linear, firmly fixed to extraneous objects; zoœcia tubular, not fused together to form a gelatinous mass.

Zoarium dendritic, recumbent, erect, or partly recumbent and partly erect.

Dendritic: applied to the branched nerve cells in the mushroom bodies of the pro-cerebrum.

An ethereal solution on evaporation assumes dendritic forms, but may contain octahedra and four-sided prisms.

The main streams are tortuous, and their dendritic tributaries have cut the region into ridges.

Usually the metal is arborescent, dendritic, filiform, moss-like or laminar.