Dessert [noun]

Definition of Dessert:

sweet treat

Synonyms of Dessert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dessert:


Sentence/Example of Dessert:

Port or a fruit-forward cabernet can match a rich, custardy chocolate dessert.

The entrees of fresh seafood and decadent desserts left us, quite simply, marveling.

This soft and sweet dessert is the right ending for this light meal.

Mention this ubiquitous dessert, whose heyday was the ’80s and ’90s but is still going strong, and plenty of people will roll their eyes.

A dessert is always welcome, especially this simple, one-layer snacking cake.

Nadia Chaudhury, Eater Austin editor This recipe has the highest deliciousness-to-ease ratio of maybe any dessert I’ve ever made.

When dinner and dessert are over and it’s time to store those ramekins, they should stack evenly to prevent chipping and scuffing.

I was prompted to put slightly more money at play, say enough to buy a family of five dinner at one of Boston’s finest restaurants with drinks, dessert, and a healthy tip.

They’re made from the same ingredients Ben & Jerry’s uses in its nondairy human desserts.

She began selling desserts from home to make ends meet, but soon after, she was evicted.