Diplomate [noun]

Definition of Diplomate:

person who completes education, pursuit

Synonyms of Diplomate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diplomate:

Sentence/Example of Diplomate:

He was too good a diplomate to be pumped in that simple way by such a one as Archibald Currie.

She thinks him a great diplomate,' communicated Jane in return, and her arm received an ecstatic squeeze.

"The Alt-Schloss is indeed a picturesque construction," said the diplomate, by way of generally inviting my confidence.

First among the diplomatists of his time, his reputation as a diplomate has passed out of mens minds.

Such evidence leaves nothing to be said in regard to his qualities as a diplomate.

Il n'était pas diplomate—comme on le peut voir—mais il avait de l'esprit, et sa conversation était pleine d'anecdotes curieuses.

Our spy is a gentleman who will appear wearing the ribbon of the Legion of Honor, and looking like a diplomate.

A diplomate followed, and he also, in his sphere, received the most dextrous and well-turned replies.

A conversation I accidentally fell into with another diplomate procured me some interesting particulars.

Intrepid warrior and skilled diplomate, In his strong hands he holds the red man's fate.