Disembarked [verb]

Definition of Disembarked:

get off transportation

Synonyms of Disembarked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disembarked:

Sentence/Example of Disembarked:

They were transferable, and were actually transferred to this side upon which the invaders disembarked.

They disembarked at the clump of cedars, and made the canoe fast to the trunk of one that overhung the water.

So it happened that a few days later there disembarked from the river steamer a grinning quartette of boys.

I disembarked the boy and another Greek, who were in most terrible alarm.

This was its closest point to the city, and here we disembarked.

The remaining troops disembarked, and with the dawn of day, the whole were brought in safety to the shore.

When the king disembarked at Dover, he was met by the general, whom he cordially embraced.

If they had not already disembarked, we had hoped to land the western party in that neighbourhood.

The train made its usual stop at an eating place and the passengers disembarked for their morning meal.

Gravesend reached, we disembarked; in due time reported our arrival at Headquarters.