Disks [noun]

Definition of Disks:

round object

Synonyms of Disks:

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Sentence/Example of Disks:

The disks had different diameters, with the biggest disk at the bottom and the smallest disk on top.

The three disks have different diameters — the biggest disk is at the bottom and the smallest disk is at the top.

These rocks are the first solids that condensed out of the disk of dust and gas that surrounded the young sun and ultimately formed the planets, scientists say.

So it is with gaming retailer GameStop, a relic of the pre-Internet era when people had to drive to the mall to get the latest Call of Duty, rather than download it directly to their console or pre-order a physical disk for mail delivery.

Your computer will move data as quickly as it can, taking into account the speeds of the source disk, the interface over which the data is flowing, and the capabilities of the destination disk.

You will use one disk for this pie and can freeze the other disk for up to 2 months.

DNA can remain chemically stable for hundreds of thousands of years, and we're unlikely to lose the technology to read it, something you can't say about things like ZIP drives and MO disks.

Otherwise, the disk would either fall into or out of the glass.

A bright yellow cloud billowed tens of thousands of light-years upward from the Milky Way’s flat disk, with a fainter twin reflected below.

Not every disk fails the same way, and you may be able to get some, most, or all of your files back.