Docketing [verb]

Definition of Docketing:

arrange, order

Synonyms of Docketing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Docketing:

Sentence/Example of Docketing:

There are very few of the foreign colony in London whose history I haven't ready for docketing.

The conductor of our train had spotted me from seeing my pass, and I happened to hear him docketing me for the wrecking boss.

On the table in front of them were piled a number of letters and telegrams, which they were carefully sorting and docketing.

The idea which had possessed him walking home in the moonlight sustained him in that melancholy task of docketing and destruction.

He had an orderly mind, one capable of classifying and docketing girls.

Even as he indexed her, Fanny's alert mind was busy docketing, numbering, cataloguing him.

He resumed his reading and docketing, by the light of the little lamp which had just subserved the purposes of a spy.

There were two clerks—three, if you count Aloysius, the boy—but to Mrs. Brandeis belonged the privilege of docketing you first.

This labor of docketing scarred backs seemed wretchedly monotonous.

She has her pen in her hand, and is docketing her visiting list.