Dogs [noun]

Definition of Dogs:

canine mammal

Synonyms of Dogs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dogs:


Sentence/Example of Dogs:

One step at a time, clumsily restraining an overexcited dog, we lowered ourselves into the valley.

“Susan even asked if she could bring pet food for our dog, when she heard him barking through the door,” she added.

Some people walk dogs out of love, or duty, or because their parents make them.

I take my dog on hikes and when the world isn’t in shambles, I love traveling.

As I walked the dog the other morning, I tried to remember the last time My Lovely Wife and I overslept and didn’t get the trash out in time.

Eventually, perhaps an autonomous robot dog that remotely patrols the plant will be there to catch potential threats like this one.

Simply addressing the stain after an accident is often an insufficient response, and your dog could be right back to fostering a habit that leaves you with an unpleasant-smelling home.

The authors suggested the difference between the performance of the two dogs in their test and the volunteer dogs means to learn new names quickly, the dog might need to be unusually intelligent or to have a lot of experience in learning names.

I can’t compare with Plummer’s delivery, but my daughter has heard this impersonation hundreds of times, whether in response to requests to stay up late, watch a PG-13 movie or to get a dog.

Acadia is one of very few national parks that allows dogs, as long as they are leashed at all times.