Drawling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Drawling:

The conductor drawling out the stations, the noisy going and coming produce almost no conscious impression on my senses.

Never had he spoken a softer, more drawling speech, nor gazed at Bo more mildly.

As the argument proceeded, Arundel felt a touch on his elbow, heard the soft, drawling voice of Kentucky at his ear.

"Not while I've a ha'p'orth o' brains in my noddle," replied Sedgett, drawling an imitation of his enemy's courteous tone.

The company there fell silent awhile, and then we heard Captain Collinson talking in even, drawling tones.

The drawling, awe-struck tones, in the silence that had fallen, were audible to all in the immediate neighbourhood.

The crowd chopped bait and howled the last line with gusto—drawling the “dro-o-gher!”

"I do not marvel at it," cried the Cambrig scholar, speaking in the high drawling voice which was common among his class.

It is a languid, drawling little strain, with an upward slide that is easily drowned in the full bird chorus of May.

He had clicked his desk to and donned a hat and coat while the other was drawling out an answer.