Dullard [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dullard:

Hapless godless dullard that he is; driven and driving on courses that lead only downward, for him as for us!

The quick mind supplies the apt repartee, while the dullard thinks of the appropriate reply next morning—if at all.

Go to, thou gorged dullard, and tell thy master to gormandize without me.

In the social display of wit and humour, there is a marked mean between the buffoon and the dullard or prig.

The mere dullard sat silent, playing with his glove or discussing at what apothecary's the best tobacco was to be bought.

Whether dullard or dreamer, this was certainly the last person you would pick out of a crowd for the errand on which he had come.

Still, a man who could not kiss properly after reading the Kama Sutra would be a dullard indeed.

Charles, by comparison, was a mere dullard who turned Whitehall into a seraglio.

Now Captain Wellsby was no dullard and he purposed to make short work of these vile pirates.

Only the inactive dullard fails to see beauty and is bored, and in his very dulness he loses the prerogative of personality.