Flogging [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flogging:

Knight realized the law allowed rich men to stay home while poor men fought — so he deserted, only to find himself hog-tied, hauled to military jail and likely flogged.

The poor devil willingly undertook to deliver it, and the marshal, as directed, caused the bearer to receive a hearty flogging.

He spoke against capital punishment, against church-rates, against flogging in the army, and against the Irish Established Church.

For a flogging is oftentimes the only punishment of which a rough and ill-conditioned boy is afraid.

Happily I had done some service to two or three slaves among the party, and had saved them more than once from a flogging.

Well, Miss Sommers herself was good enough to tell me that it would probably mean flogging to death.

There is no mention of such a place of confinement being instituted; but the Admiralty revokes the abolition of flogging.

Tinah then left me to enquire after the bedding, and I sent the offender on board, whom I punished with a severe flogging.

Footnote 43: Flogging was facetiously termed "putting on a new shirt."

And the doctor was a good-natured chap, he certainly would let him off with a rowing and a flogging.