Horn [noun]

Definition of Horn:

smelling organ of animate being

Synonyms of Horn:

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Sentence/Example of Horn:

Another car behind it in line was behaving “obnoxiously,” honking its horn and blasting music, he said.

Carolina Garcia, 35, director of original series at NetflixMy parents always say, “Toma el toro por las astas,” which means, “Grab the bull by the horns.”

He took pictures of the lizard and measured the size and shape of its body parts, such as the length of its nose-horn and head.

So in a horse, “you might be able to … add a few different genes that would result in a horn sprouting on their head,” he says.

To transform a horse into a unicorn, you could try adding a horn from a related animal, Paul Knoepfler says.

Researchers have found certain genes that are turned off or on when animals are growing their horns.

Before the outlaw can comply with this small request the horn sounds again.

Also our six-shooters reposed in their scabbards, the four belts hooked over the horn of MacRae's saddle.

There's one called ze, on top of a hill shaped almost like a horn; she showed me a picture of it.

The second barrel was discharged with no better result, except that a splinter of its horn was knocked off.