Inalienable [adjective]

Definition of Inalienable:

absolute, inherent

Synonyms of Inalienable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inalienable:

Sentence/Example of Inalienable:

God could not endow him with sinlessness, which is an inalienable portion of Divine perfection.

Poetry, painting, and the subtle joys of imagination have inalienable rights over a lofty spirit.

Why should they use the powers that were their inalienable birthright to make true believers obey a Christian dog?

The Constitution and its guarantees are our birthright, and I am ready to enforce that inalienable right to the last extent.

We have just been declaring to the world that all men are born with an inalienable right to liberty.

Man's best boast and inalienable patent of nobility is that he holds in his hand a key to all the prisons of the earth.

Let him contend, with me, for the inalienable and constitutional rights of every American citizen.

The freehold of the land was never sold; the land was inalienable, and in the year of Jubilee it reverted.

Their validity is bound up with the sovereign rights of God, and are therefore, absolute and inalienable.

The Assembly also attempted to make the lands possessed by the Indians under the seal of the colony inalienable to the English.