Libelling [noun]

Definition of Libelling:

purposeful lie about someone, often malicious

Synonyms of Libelling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Libelling:

Sentence/Example of Libelling:

There is no reason that these platforms should not be held to the same libel standards as print publishers, broadcasters, or cable channels.

They are convicted of cyber libel stemming from a 2012 Rappler article about a local businessman’s alleged ties to a former judge, who was later impeached for corruption, and purported links to drug and human trafficking rings.

As the actions of slander and libel have been described, only two others require notice, mandamus and quo warranto.

If the editor forgets himself, as in the case cited, suit for libel is sure to be brought and often proves a serious thing.

Nor is it liable for libel in transmitting a telegram stating that a person had been bought up.

If A writes a libel, and B prints it and C publishes it, the person wronged may sue all jointly, or either one of them separately.

Another bill carried this session made some alterations in the law relating to defamation and libel.

He had been summoned to Lawyer Kimball's office, where he discovered that he was about to be defendant in two suits for libel.

Indignant juries refused to convict in libel cases, and Mansfield's ruling was attacked by the opposition in parliament.

Within six months, if you're not sandbagged or jailed on fake libel suits, you'll have a unique bibliography of swindles.