Marasmus [noun]

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The nation, as it were, sickened in a marasmus of intellectual inbreeding.

Marasmus is a condition in which the ingested food seems to fail to nourish the body and gradual wasting away occurs.

Inanition or marasmus is the usual cause of death in uncomplicated cases.

Symptoms of anmia and marasmus, or of chronic exudative peritonitis, or of chronic pleurisy.

As the disease progresses the patient loses flesh and strength, and usually dies in a condition of marasmus.

The stomach may participate with other organs in the general atrophy attending inanition and marasmus.

The rapidity with which emaciation, hydrops, and marasmus occur in severe cases is thus easily accounted for.

One day passed without a call—six days died of marasmus, and never the first patient crossed the threshold of my office.

The defence commonly set up is that the child died either of marasmus or of tuberculosis.

Marasmus, ma-raz′mus, n. a wasting of flesh without apparent disease, a kind of consumption.