Opaqueness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Opaqueness:

The opaqueness of literacy partially explains why this is possible.

Then the mate plunged into view, a dark ball through the opaqueness.

He was in trouble and Ardmore's opaqueness taxed his patience.

Opaqueness and contraction were the only forms of evil he recognized, and these are negative rather than active qualities.

Something passed across the face; the transparency turned to opaqueness, and then—two men.

Happily, we have chosen the right medium: the luminousness is destroyed, but the opaqueness remains visible.

Illiteracy indeed does away with the opaqueness of literacy- based human relations.

In four to seven days the opaqueness disappears, and the snake sheds after an additional three to six days (Table 12).

Turning his back to the window, for many minutes he stared dumbly into the opaqueness before him.

There were but a few fleecy clouds, and these not of an opaqueness to darken its beams when they passed across it.