Perched [verb]

Definition of Perched:

sit atop of

Synonyms of Perched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perched:



Sentence/Example of Perched:

Linda perched the hat on her head, pulled it down securely, and faced Katy.

There was a copy of Romeo and Juliet perched on top of a pile of books.

There ahead of him, perched on the cliff, at the foot of which the river flowed, was the sanitarium.

We two, perched on the haystack, did not take the words at all with a kindly meaning.

Mrs. Bascom perched on one of the lower steps of the iron stairs.

Mr. Keeler perched his small figure on the corner of the kitchen table.

June nodded from where she perched on a high stool across the table.

The low stone houses are perched on the hillsides, and the streets are irregular.

While speaking, he perched her on his shoulder, as was a favorite custom with him.

The turret in which Dr. Frank and I now stood was perched here.