Porcelain [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Porcelain:

If the one be porcelain, and the other earthen ware, both are brittle!

I haven't a single child that has not won the porcelain cross for obedience.

Why should not the manufacture of porcelain equally enrich the Elector?

Barter returned to the porcelain slab banked with the lights and the keys.

They are all covered with cloth and rubber and are fastened with glass or porcelain knobs.

The wash-basin in the bath-room is either marble, enameled iron, or porcelain.

The mercury is then to be washed and dried by heating to, say, 110° C. in a porcelain dish.

The porcelain of the Ming dynasty is famous all over the world.

From here comes the clay of which the exquisite Copenhagen porcelain is made.

It is the State that makes the Sevres porcelain, and the Gobelin tapestry.