Predecessor [noun]

Definition of Predecessor:

something, someone that comes before

Synonyms of Predecessor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Predecessor:

Sentence/Example of Predecessor:

Following the example of his predecessor, in 1868, Mr. Gladstone resigned.

He was as little and fair-complexioned as his predecessor was big and dark.

It was a very kind thing in your predecessor, John, to write to me, was it not?'

The central portion of this cable much resembles that of its predecessor in 1866.

The day was worse than its predecessor, inexpressibly gloomy and disheartening.

That poor Abbe Caffin, your predecessor, refused to argue with me.

Each succeeding "well" was louder and more emphatic than its predecessor.

I judge that your opinion of my predecessor isn't a high one.

His wish was to exercise the force of his muscle on these as he had done with their predecessor.

My predecessor on the throne, my cousin Otto, resided in Salissa until——.