Readjusted [verb]

Definition of Readjusted:


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Sentence/Example of Readjusted:

He readjusted the keys and his face became thoughtful again.

He readjusted the slide rule and slid the hairline over a bit.

Since the unification of Italy the railways have been readjusted to the needs of commerce.

Mr. Wagge's readjusted glance stopped in confusion at her waist.

Even so, though, things must be different when the minds of people had readjusted.

He readjusted the floor, for he had no wish for his handiwork to remain.

Everything in this world has to be readjusted that is not right.

The tables were readjusted and the game went on to its close.

The saddles were readjusted, and the move made without delay.

The fingers with which he readjusted the glasses—his favourite trick—were tremulous.