Recollected [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Recollected:

He recalled his condescending tone to her, and recollected his anxiety about the jar.

Angelique recollected the night she had passed there under the protection of these saints.

I belonged to this boat, and I now recollected that she had been towing astern.

I have since recollected, that I must have looked very saucily.

Lumley recollected that such had been the real name of Mrs. Cameron.

Christian had been a shy and commonplace-enough boy as she recollected him.

In fact, I recollected too well to be able to pay the expected compliment.

At his voice, and the kindness of his tone, Ormond recollected himself.

Dorothy recollected that Mrs. Vansittart had said something like this about Tony Cornish.

He had recollected that there was such a thing in the world as his mother.