Scourging [noun]

Definition of Scourging:

plague, torment

Synonyms of Scourging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scourging:

Sentence/Example of Scourging:

And there is much to be done and to be said, but take my word for it: This scourge will stop.

The day after I reached the harbour, I was ordered on board the Scourge.

A company came on board the Scourge, and they filled us chock-a-block.

The Scourge had gone down on the night of the 7th, or the morning of the 8th, I never knew which.

I never saw a studding-sail in any of the schooners, the Scourge excepted.

Israel relapsed into idolatry, and God punished them with the scourge of war.

You ask Doc Peets; he'll tell you that this yere Monte with his snorin' is a scourge.'

Outside, the rain, driven by gusts, smote the window as with a scourge.

The scourge had been conquered in its first and only stronghold.

Scourge her soundly, man; scourge her till her blood runs down!