Seascape [noun]

Definition of Seascape:

earth, creation

Synonyms of Seascape:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seascape:


Sentence/Example of Seascape:

Kirkwood shook his head, turning to scan the seascape with a gloomy gaze.

She knew that Custance was sketching a seascape not far from that spot.

Landscape and seascape were reindued with their full amenities.

Even the children were impressed by the beauty of the seascape.

Goodwin's wife sat near one of the windows, making a water-color sketch of the afternoon seascape.

The boat on its return had landed Madam Archdale and her guests on the pebbly beach at Seascape, not far from the house.

At all events, the result was the same; there were only three at Seascape to accept the Colonel's invitation to go sailing.

"Elizabeth was right not to come," Madam Pepperell had said to her guest on the way to Seascape.

The same sky and seascape, the same condemnations of “a dirty ship” recurred day by day.

The only blemish on the seascape was a troop of bergs, six in number, out yonder to starboard.