Throes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Throes:

There were throes of love within her, of aspiration, of an ineffable delight in being.

And everywhere was the shouting and hurry as of a nation in the throes of war.

The time when the Moors were in the throes of civil war was favorable.

She covered her face, and rocked to and fro like one in the throes of a deep suffering.

The throes of Russian resurrection will be long and painful.

Petersburg was then in the throes of a general strike—which the Wilhelmstrasse had engineered.

By the time this was done, his antagonists were in the throes of returning consciousness.

She went for the doctor, who found me in the throes of a nervous fit.

At this period of his life the chapters of the Koran were delivered in throes of pain.

At the present, she is going through the throes of childbirth.