Airfields [noun]

Definition of Airfields:

airplane landing area

Synonyms of Airfields:

Opposite/Antonyms of Airfields:


Sentence/Example of Airfields:

There were floodlights harsh on dock, airfield, barracks and lawn, with parties of guards moving around each section.

A very light plane, intended for artillery-spotting, took off from the nearest airfield to Boulder Lake.

Tonapah was at the foot of a mountain range and the airfield was out in the valley toward the next range.

We flew all the way back to England Just above the tree tops but never saw a train or airfield to shoot at.

There was still firing from the commercial airport and the smaller military airfield.

Did you go down to the airfield when President Johnson left?

Smack in the middle of the front page was a picture of herself in full flight over the airfield bar.

And then there was a small airfield below, and the pilot and co-pilot began a pattern of ritualistic conversation.

Today, back at the airfield, a sandy-haired man reached up and pulled a string he knew how to find.

He found that his ostensible assignment to the airfield for the investigation of sabotage was quaintly taken at face value there.