Alternates [adjective]

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The coverage will alternate between leagues each year and gives Turner the most postseason games on a network.

DNA and RNA strands are composed of alternating phosphate and sugar molecules, but sugars “are profoundly unstable in hot spring environments,” says David Des Marais, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

When Epic started offering alternate Fortnite payment methods that avoided Apple’s fee-taking, for instance, Apple blocked the app.

In one macabre scene, one of Edison’s employees goes so far as to publicly electrocute a dog with alternating current.

So that means in an alternate universe without any southpaw advantage, about 36 percent of current LHPs would be good enough to pitch in the major leagues.

Indeed, this was a fun and challenging foray into an alternate set of operations.

Those two teams alternated going into the office every other week.

A person can only seek alternate value in life when afforded the time to do so.

For middle and high schools, staff recommended a hybrid learning model with students divided into two cohorts who alternate between two on-campus days and three distance learning days each week.

Lower still was a series of alternating layers of coarse and fine materials.