Appends [verb]

Definition of Appends:

add, join

Synonyms of Appends:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appends:

Sentence/Example of Appends:

I added,” he wrote, appending the acronym “YOLO,” meaning “you only live once.

Then in July it appended a feature for people to share screenshots of its shows to share on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

I append her experience as nearly as possible as she is stated to have told it.

Get it translated, and append it as a note to the next edition.

She has several elaborate and even pretty ties which she is obliged to append to her sofas and easy-chairs.

We append an extract from the Wallum-Olum as a specimen of genuine aboriginal composition.

And for testimony to all (and for good measure) I here with pen and ink append my name: Walt Whitman.

I am afraid I am getting obscure, so I append a rough sketch of the scene, as I partly saw and chiefly imagined it.

Of course I again append my signature, without any allusion to the police force.

I append the record of the losses of the 1st Corps in the battle up to November 21st, when they were relieved.