Articulates [verb]

Definition of Articulates:

say clearly, coherently

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The first memoir dealt with the mouth-parts of insects; the 084second with the anterior appendages of Articulates generally.

The appendages of Articulates and Vertebrates were thought of as the members of as many separate organisms.

The vertebration (articulation) of the vertebrates is not outwardly visible like that of the articulates.

In most of the articulates this work is done by side-jaws, which consist of hard rods and represent modified bones.

The heart is formed from the dorsal vessel in the mollusks and articulates, but from the ventral in the tunicates and vertebrates.

The mollusks and echinoderms show the least disposition for it, and the platodes, vermalia, and articulates the most.

That is particularly the case in many of the platodes (trematodes) and articulates (crustacea and insects).

This it is which, especially in many of the articulates, causes an immense increase of the species in a short time.

Posteriorly, the nasal overlaps the sphenethmoid and articulates with the palatine.

Posteriorly, the nasal overlaps the sphenethmoid; posterolaterally the nasal articulates with the palatine.