Athlete [noun]

Definition of Athlete:

person involved in sports

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Sentence/Example of Athlete:

Where a fan 10 years ago had a coin-flip chance of attending a fracas, the modern-day one has less than a 17 percent chance of watching athletes drop the mitts.

Ash, who often interacts and streams with fans on social media, has seen the number of esports athletes increase both in Pakistan and globally.

Neck gaiters, buffs—whatever you call them, the jersey-type loops of fabric that can be worn around the neck and over the face and nose—have been a favorite of athletes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Effectively, the ruling meant that clubs and teams in EU countries could sign players from nations that have free trade agreements with the bloc, without treating them as overseas athletes.

At the university level, students have more power as paying customers — and athletes in particular as revenue generators.

Creating this value-driven content allows them to rank for many trending 2020 searches such as “at-home workout” as well as various trending athletes and celebrities.

For athletes who ramped themselves into peak form for spring and summer marathons, there are a few options other than scaling back their training plans.

The colors of this “lab on the skin” tell athletes which electrolytes they should replenish.

Then, over the season, they score points based on how those athletes performed for their actual teams.

Right before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Evans reached out to theWorld Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA, about the potential for athlete abuse, and he eventually helped develop a test for it.