Blunting [adjective]

Definition of Blunting:

not sharp

Synonyms of Blunting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blunting:

Sentence/Example of Blunting:

A 2018 survey by the International Monetary Fund, cited by the Wall Street Journal, found government bankers are experimenting with the technology as a way to lower costs and to blunt the rise of private cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Washington’s inability to strike a deal on a new stimulus spending plan, market observers agree, has blunted the economic recovery.

Ethically speaking, then, any respectful engagement with them calls for a recognition of that fact, not a blunt attempt at persuasion.

Galloway, known well for blunt and opinionated commentary on the tech industry, says he grew concerned that Robinhood had become “casino-like” and gamified, encouraging newer investors to trade when they had little knowledge of the markets.

They either blunt other economic activity or have too small of an overall impact to even measure.

Winning, explains political scientist Marjorie Hershey, has a “fairly blunt, conservatizing effect on campaigners.”

So if you start looking at people with risk factors — people with hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, so forth and so on — people with high levels of physical activity or cardiorespiratory fitness, their risk is markedly blunted.

Presently his blunt ungainly head rose within ten feet of them.

She shook her head—Gilbert was not at home, and her axe was so blunt that a body might ride to Rumford on it.

Jess worked hard over the head, pushing the padding well into the blunt nose.